KeyApps Starts Releasing Mobile Recruitment Apps to the Amazon AppStore

Greater exposure and a wider talent pool set for KeyApps’ clients as they begin submitting apps to the Amazon Appstore for use with Kindle Fire devices.

The Amazon Appstore is now available in almost 200 countries following its recent expansion, and a recent statement by Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, makes it clear that they are planning to continue their digital push:

“We’re so grateful to our customers for their response to Kindle devices and our digital ecosystem. This past quarter, our top 10 selling items worldwide were all digital products – Kindles, Kindle Fire HDs, accessories and digital content.”

With three new Kindle Fire devices set for release before the end of 2013, KeyApps saw this as the right time to launch their clients’ mobile recruitment apps into the Amazon Appstore.

“The Amazon Appstore is gaining real momentum, and thanks to its recent expansion it is now available in nearly 200 countries. As the UK’s market leaders in mobile recruitment app technology, KeyApps thought this was the perfect time to begin submitting our clients’ apps to their platform. Not only will featuring in an additional app store increase exposure for our clients, but they will also have access to wider talent pools thanks to Kindle Fire users being able to download their job apps. We see this as a very positive step towards having our apps in the hands of as many jobseekers as possible,” commented Paul Dawkins, MD of KeyApps.

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