Spencer Ogden App: SO Appealing to Candidates via Amazon and Windows Phone

With over a thousand new candidate installs on iOS and Android alone over the past month through the KeyApps partnership, Spencer Ogden have released improved recruitment apps on the Amazon AppStore and Windows Marketplace.

Paul Dawkins, KeyApps’ MD and developer of the SO apps, commented, ”The move to deliver on the Amazon Marketplace was the next logical step for the Spencer Ogden app, which has performed well on the other platforms since its release. Kindle devices offer fresh opportunities for agencies to engage with professionals.”

John Edwards, Mobile Recruitment Consultant for KeyApps, works closely with agencies, clients and candidates, and continued:

”The mobile platforms being used by professionals give us scope as recruitment technology developers to deliver solutions geared towards candidate engagement through education and entertainment. As a business driving agency communication with candidates through mobile application technology, KeyApps will be exploring a number of inventive feature additions to deliver for our recruitment agency partners. Current features include intuitive profile and filter settings, access to the latest vacancies and the ability to apply via LinkedIn.

“Candidates interacting with the applications have commented on ease of use and relevancy of positions being delivered to their app profiles. With mobile and tablet hardware consistently improving, recruitment businesses will be able to seek out professionals whilst maintaining influence on existing connections. With the importance of maintaining close ties with existing contractors, through the Spencer Ogden Recruitment Apps on iOS, Android, Windows and now Amazon, Spencer Ogden already hold an advantage in this space.”

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