WordPress Plugin

Our WordPress plugin has been developed to provide a seamless user experience between your website and mobile recruitment app, but can also be implemented as a standalone solution to streamline your job posting and candidate application process.

Compatible with all WordPress sites

Whether you have an existing site or are just moving to WordPress, our plugin can be installed

Job Board

Allow candidates to browse and filter jobs, and search for specific keywords

Unified Registration

The same account log in details will automatically work on both the site and mobile app

Register via Linkedin

Candidates can use their LinkedIn profile to register via the website

Apply with CV or LinkedIn

Candidates can apply for jobs using their CV or LinkedIn profile

Upload and Store CVs

CVs and other supporting documents can be uploaded and stored for quick and easy job application

Sync with 3rd Party Job Distributors

We can integrate with 3rd party job distributors so that the agency can post jobs which will automatically sync with the website and app

Job Cart

Add jobs to the job cart to save for later, or apply for multiple jobs at once. (A daily application limit can be set.)

Featured Jobs

Dedicate a specific section on your website for featured jobs

Application Status

Allows candidates to track the progress of their job application

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