Eclipse Software

The KeyApps Eclipse Manager allows for:

Registering your existing candidate base for your app/website

The KeyApps Eclipse Manager enables you to send login details and a link to your app directly to candidates on your Eclipse database who have not yet registered. This can either be sent on a individual, or batch, basis.

Approving candidates for full access to features/functionality 

Once a candidate has been verified, they can be approved via the KeyApps Eclipse Manager to have full access to all features/functionality of your app.

Collation of Deletion Requests received via your app/website (GDPR Functionality)

When a candidate submits a Data Deletion Request via the app or website the request will be pulled into KeyApps Eclipse Manager as a list for review and actioning individual, or batch, Data Deletion.

Removal of candidate data from your app/website (GDPR Functionality)

This will remove all of their KeyApps app/website data including their login details but does not affect the information held on Eclipse or other systems, which can be deleted separately if required. The candidate(s) can register on the app/website again at any time.

Sending messages to individual app users or groups of candidates with 2-way communication functionality 

The KeyApps Eclipse Manager messaging function allows you to send push notifications/messages to individual, batches or all app users. The ability for the candidate(s) to reply to the message can be set as on or off, enabling 2-way communication with consultants via the app as required.

Job Posting

Using the KeyApps Eclipse Manager, your jobs can be released to or removed from your App or Website. There is also an automatic option to add or remove jobs.

Availability and Bookings

Candidate availability can automatically synced with Eclipse via the App or Website, and bookings can be seen in the App Diary.

Real-time communication to Eclipse from the app/website

Because we have a real-time web service for communication from the app/website to Eclipse, you don’t need to rely on manually syncing candidate data – that means that messages push through to Eclipse automatically, candidate availability updates seamlessly and up-to-date data is available straight away.

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