Applying for Jobs on the Go: LinkedIn Introduces Apply Button, Catching up with Jobseekers’ Needs

LinkedIn catches up with jobseekers’ needs by allowing its users to apply for jobs directly from their iOS or Android apps.

LinkedIn gave its iOS and Android app users the ability to search for jobs last month, and has just announced that they can now also apply for those positions on the go using their LinkedIn profile as a resume. It seems a logical move by the company when job search accounted for roughly 30% of their mobile traffic.

John Edwards, Mobile Software Consultant at KeyApps, commented on LinkedIn’s catch-up:

“KeyApps was founded because of a clear need for native mobile applications that allow jobseekers to find and apply for jobs on the go or while using their second screen at home. The gaping hole in the market when it came to suppliers allowed us to quickly become a top name in mobile recruitment app technology, with over 75 clients and partners, and counting. From experience, we know that mobile apps are well received, and this new move by LinkedIn acts as a further sign that mobile should not be ignored by recruiters.”

“It’s great that LinkedIn are pushing mobile jobseeking, but we feel that the benefits for agencies and corporate recruiters coming directly to us are self-evident. KeyApps offers bespoke products that adapt and grow based on our clients’ individual needs, and also provide candidates with a platform that will allow them to apply for a job in a variety of ways, such as with a tailored profile, CV or via LinkedIn,” added Samantha Beard, Executive Administrative Assistant at KeyApps.

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