The Not-Too-Distant Future of Technology


From the dawn of the computer age the same problems have presented themselves and been solved as if they are somehow new and novel.


From the cold and remote mainframe to the intelligent mobile device that is a personal connected information server in itself.


The fight for a solution has been around control and perceived cost. Vested interests attempt  to take existing technology that has almosted worked in one domain and re-invent it for another. This usually results in a great deal of confusion and a lot of profit for those advocating a stop gap or jerry-rigged fix. Ultimately there is a full shift into the new domain and those wanting a cut of the new pie jump from their sinking ship.


In the not too distant future…


Ultimately we are presented with the possibility of an individual becoming the custodian and server of their own information cloud. With a distributed, robust and trusted data network where the data is stored and shared securely across many devices. This will reside with trusted individuals and entities. The data can be complete copies or fragments.


What does this mean? It means that your device and proxies are your  ‘LinkediIn’ profile, your ‘Facebook wall’, your photo server, your medical record, your CV and much more.


Followers will link directly to you or through one of your trusted proxies. Not through a large corporation. Advertisers will advertise with you as an individual or company and not through a third party. You will have mastery of your own data profile and can restrict access to your own circles. Your face to the world will be your own and the level of disclosure to the various circles will be set by you.


If the network goes down you still have all of your profile data and in the event that your primary device is lost you have your network to rebuild your original profile. These solutions will present themselves and large corporations will attempt to subvert this for their profit. Ultimately the choice will be with the individual and just as Yahoo was eclipsed by Google so will existing players. The only possible fly in the ointment so to speak will be government intervention or the manufactures of the enabling technology restricting this. We have a number of interesting years ahead of us and KeyApps Ltd is positioning itself for these challenging times with a clear understanding.

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