TDA Group Portfolio Grows

Congratulations to TDA Group on the launch of the TDA Creative & Telecoms Mobile Responsive Websites

KeyApps have been a technology partner to TDA Group for over 6 years now and we’re delighted to have assisted with the development and deployment of the new Creative and Telecoms Websites. 

Working closely with the likes of Millie (Office Manager), Dave (Owner & MD) and the dedicated TDA Group team members from the UK and US, we’ve seen the business grow year on year. With the launch of Creative and Telecoms products, TDA Group continue to expand their portfolio, reach and delivery capabilities globally.

A particular thanks goes out to Millie who’s producing some engaging and quality content across all the sites via our easy to use Website CMS and the Elementor tool in play

Speaking on the partnership with KeyApps Millie commented ”

‘’My involvement in the project with KeyApps was to add all written content, pictures and ensure the layout and mechanics were exactly what the Directors of TDA wanted. KeyApps created the backend platform for me, which was so easy to use, they even put together a training guide in case I needed help. If I couldn’t find what I needed within the guide, the team at KeyApps were always happy to help and super-efficient. There were no issues working with them on the project. I initially thought doing this would be a challenge for me as I have never done anything like this before, but I soon realised that working with KeyApps was no challenge and was enjoyable. We hope that the websites will help clients and candidates engage with the TDA Brand on a wider scale, reaching both of UK and US markets. As our business grows, we are confident that KeyApps will support us in necessary updates and new pages to the site.‘’

With a rich array of partnerships and actively recruiting clients throughout the UK & USA, both TDA Creative & TDA Telecoms can open new opportunities to some fantastic organisations for you. Key partners include Citibank, Samsung, American Express, Estee Lauder, Bloomberg, Audible – Amazon, Huge, Huawei, Motorola and Arris. 

Any Technology, Creative and Teleco professionals within our network looking for talent or a new opportunity; TDA Group can and will assist. Do Get in touch

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