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New Functionality: In-App Messaging

Two Way In-App Messaging from KeyApps allows Consultants to engage with Candidates in real time

As the KeyApps Recruitment App Messaging technology advances, agencies will continue to save money on SMS bundles and enhance their connection with candidates on the move.

Recruitment Functions with a particular focus on temp/locum and contract staff will benefit the most with both candidates and consultants are finding the quick, dynamic and relevant two way messaging system a useful tool that saves them time and money.

“This app is brilliant.” – Specsavers Candidate

Keep an eye out for our Specsavers SPOTLIGHT next month for more information!

Featuring RDBProNet Integration

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SPOTLIGHT: Optima Site Solutions

Integration with Talisman provides a unified candidate and client experience.

Seamless integration of a recruitment function’s digital customer facing platform and their internal management systems is at the forefront of KeyApps’ recruitment technology.

With Live Recruitment Apps securing over 4.5 Mins average session usage per user (recorded from a closed recruitment app with 400 Approved Users) Mobile App Technology will continue to make its impact felt within Recruitment.

Optima Site Solutions Branch Manager Ash commented:

“Having worked very closely with John and the KeyApps Team on the design and build of our new company website, I would highly recommend their services.

The whole process was fluid from start to finish. KeyApps spent time understanding our company values, requirements, and goals for our new site and then let us liaise directly with the skilled web designers that had been assigned to our project, with whom we communicated regularly, before the final product was tested and delivered to us. We are very pleased with the end result.“

“We’re delighted to have progressed KeyApps relationship further with Optima Site Solutions in producing a new website, integration with the established Optima Site Solutions App and syncing more functionality with Talisman, Optima Site Solutions’ CRM Provider. KeyApps look forward to developing even more functionality for Optima Site Solutions with Talisman.” – John Edwards, KeyApps

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An Insight into the Evolving Recruitment Landscape

What does the future hold for recruitment?

John Edwards, of KeyApps has been looking into what the future holds for the recruitment industry

DESPITE being surrounded by burgeoning technological advancements, recruitment remains a predominantly labour intensive practice and profession.

Manual administrative procedures, natural human error from the sheer amount of individuals often involved in the recruitment cycle along with far too frequent examples of limited comprehension of new technologies, protocols and legislation all dovetail to present frustratingly time-consuming hurdles in the recruitment process.

Amidst all this stands the significant and constant imperative of implementing advanced, up-to-date technology for recruiters. Whether storing and accessing vast and vital candidate and client information, or providing a user-friendly registration and application interface for potential placements, technology in recruitment will continue to be utilised and updated to enhance delivery capabilities on multiple levels.

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