An insight into the evolving recruitment landscape

What does the future hold for recruitment?

John Edwards, of KeyApps has been looking into what the future holds for the recruitment industry

DESPITE being surrounded by burgeoning technological advancements, recruitment remains a predominantly labour intensive practice and profession.

Manual administrative procedures, natural human error from the sheer amount of individuals often involved in the recruitment cycle along with far too frequent examples of limited comprehension of new technologies, protocols and legislation all dovetail to present frustratingly time-consuming hurdles in the recruitment process.

Amidst all this stands the significant and constant imperative of implementing advanced, up-to-date technology for recruiters. Whether storing and accessing vast and vital candidate and client information, or providing a user-friendly registration and application interface for potential placements, technology in recruitment will continue to be utilised and updated to enhance delivery capabilities on multiple levels.

This year will herald an inevitable major transitory period throughout the ‘workspace’.

Sectors will be irrevocably disrupted and newly created opportunities will come into the fray. Recruiters can take something from Morgan Stanley’s own proclamation that 2017 is the year for the Internet of Things; the ability to connect all the dots.

All the separate parts of a recruitment process all need to be connected and synchronised for ultimate success.

The major shift in our recruitment practice will come from technology. Not only how technology is used by recruiters but in its shaping of prospects and the jobs landscape itself.
Whilst many professions will inevitably become obsolete, completely new professionals will emerge. Preparation is key and for recruitment agencies unequivocally and inevitably immersing further into this necessary ‘techno-human’ society.

It may pay to reflect on the words of the great British Rugby Lion, Willie John McBride MBE, who said: “Get your retaliation in first.”

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