Why Recruiters Need to Get App-Savvy Fast

As a History Graduate and lover of etymology I’ve noticed an increased usage of the word ‘absolutely’ in recent years. As the market leading deliverer of Mobile Application Technology for the recruitment industry, my conclusion is that as a by-product of the ubiquitous influence smartphone and tablet devices (and specifically ever-increasing interaction with The App) the very sound of the word ‘absolutely’, which is now so often spoken sounding ‘APPsolutely’, has altered markedly. Is this due to the emergence and continued influence apps have on our lives? Keep an ear out for how the word sounds to you in 2013!

The understanding and usage of apps, smartphones and tablets is still very much in its infancy, yet they are already taking control away from the PC world. We are witnessing decreasing levels of traditional search engine activity on mobile devices with users favouring app marketplace searches, knowing they will secure a richer, more relevant experience.

Reflecting on an interesting article published on headed ‘Apple vs Google: The Fight to Be the King of App Search’ Ian Sefferman, CEO of MobileDevHQ, likens app search today to the earliest days of website searches:

We’re now sort of in 1997-ish when you compare app search to web search. That is, the industry recognizes that app search is going to be incredibly important, and many folks are thinking about it (just like Alta Vista, Lycos, etc. in 1997-ish).’’

Google’s own £8 Billion purchase of Motorola Mobility last year – one of the larger acquisitions of 2012 and one that will unquestionably ‘supercharge’ Google – highlights further the importance application technology will have over website technology.

Towards the end of the last decade the mobile phone and the computer took on new forms. The technological unification of the phone and the computer heralded a new era of information transfer and presented further opportunities for the recruitment industry.

I recall a candidate mentioning he no longer considers his laptop ‘portable’. Astonishing as this may seem, the candidate – a Developer using his iPhone – not only thinks his smartphone a more important ‘mobile’ device than his laptop, but considers himself more able to secure the information once sought out via his aging device once known as a PC! Smartphone and tablet devices are evidently evolving into the ‘improved PC!’

There is a high and progressively increasing demand from candidates for agencies to be interacting with them through mobile application technology. With the majority of users indicating a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company, it is imperative that recruitment agencies pay very high regard to mobile application technology.

92% of the UK population has a mobile, and a recent study by YouGov revealed that 58% of those are smartphones and 20% of adults own a tablet device.

MOA executive director John Cooke said:

“The speed with which people are adopting this new technology has been phenomenal. Comparing this latest data with previous research from Ofcom suggests that ownership of smartphones in the UK has increased by nearly 50 per cent and that of tablets by over 80 per cent in less than a year.”

KeyApps is here to help empower your business through advancing yet user friendly Mobile Technology. Our partnership is geared towards establishing and consistently enhancing your mobile presence.

As the professional’s go-to personal computer, smartphones and tablets have presented recruitment agencies with a new platform to engage, influence and secure candidates ahead of the competition. App technology offers the most reliable, relevant and attractive mobile solution. This is further supported by the fact that Apps take 81.5% of the Smartphone user’s time.

‘Mobile apps are becoming more and more popular with Internet users. Two years ago, users spent an average of about 20 or more minutes per day on browser-based sites than mobile apps. By last December, that relationship had flipped, and mobile apps were outpacing browser-based sites by more than 20 minutes per day.’ – Mashable, ‘Mobile App or Mobile Site: Which Should You Build First?’.

With over 30 leading recruitment agencies now partnering with KeyApps and many new recruitment businesses releasing mobile apps through KeyApps next year, we will continue to deliver innovative mobile recruitment technology and contribute to the future success of the businesses we work with.

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