The Importance of Vertical Apps in Mobile Recruitment

If your recruitment agency delivers candidates into multiple, unrelated industries, a one-size-fits-all approach to mobile recruitment may not be the best solution. Whilst having one mobile app is a great way to boost your agency’s profile and reach passive candidates, providing job seekers with targeted vertical apps offers a number of benefits:

Boost your mobile presence

If you cover multiple sectors why get tied down by app store keyword limits? Releasing an app for each industry or sector you cover will allow you to market the apps with much more detailed descriptions, resulting in your brand being seen by more candidates.

Provide more targeted information

Ensure candidates have access to only the most relevant information and prevent the content of your app becoming bloated.

Headhunting opportunities

Registrations through a vertical app allow you to more easily build a pool of relevant candidates in order to headhunt and improve the quality of engagement.

Simplify the job search process

Allowing candidates to download an app specifically targeted to their sector/industry makes it easier for job seekers to find and apply for their ideal role.

Targeted features

Releasing vertical apps allows your agency to target specific application processes and features (such as shift bookings, availability and compliance documents) to the relevant candidates.

Get creative!

Many agencies choose to adopt different branding for each of their branches. Separate apps will allow you to get more creative with your branding and help your agency stand out from the crowd

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