Progress through Mobile

The Recruitment Practice landscape has altered more in the past 2 years than the 20 before it. With the GenY Recruiters, Candidates, Managers coming into and firming their positions within the game, Recruitment itself will continue to change and diversify at a rapid rate.

Meeting with Recruitment Businesses on a near to daily basis I am often surprised at how stretched some business processes actually are.

As a past software engineering consultant I like a folder full of Embedded C++ Contract Engineers as much as the next recruiter, but when you’re faced with the heavy task of manually inputting expense data from 500 PDFs into ‘clunky’ excel forms that then needs to be imported into a connecting system, efficiency is questioned and productivity hindered. In reality the Embedded Engineer and the Expense sheet are intrinsically connected to the recruiter and recruitment process.

Recruitment Agencies would profit from streamlining such processes to an almost automated state. Not machinelike, but efficient, adopting certain technologies to improve the recruitment experience for all involved. And what technological, yet more personal device does everyone have on them at all times…. A Mobile.

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