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ea Change Group

ea Change Group has been a leading supplier of world class Change Consultants to the Banking and Financial Services community since 1998 and currently delivers over 10,000 days of consultancy every month. With over 100 years of combined Financial Services experience at our disposal and access to over 25,000 change experts globally, ea delivers great people and great solutions to the biggest and best Banks and Financial Services Companies in the world.



The ea Change Group App will allow professionals to register, set their own unique and relevant profile, receive relevant opportunities on the move and apply to our dedicated consultants on the move

The App will also offer a unique notification technology so our professionals can keep informed and up to date with the latest important industry developments

With an advanced yet user friendly opportunity and messaging system ea Change Group will be able to communicate in direct and highly personable manner

ea Change Group look forward to enhancing our connection with Change Consultants within the Banking and Financial Sectors

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