Mobile Recruitment: A Retailer’s Best Friend

While other areas of the business are quick to adopt mobile, talent acquisition is still far behind. In fact, according to research conducted by The Talent Board this year, only 13% of candidates apply for a job through a mobile device. By ignoring mobile, companies are missing a tremendous opportunity to attract and hire talent. Imagine walking into a store to apply for a position with a paper and pen or having to use a kiosk or store computer. The entire experience is uncomfortable and impersonal. With this type of experience, many qualified individuals would not apply for a job.

For any retailer that wants to attract talent and improve the candidate experience, mobile needs to be part of the equation.

Mobile recruitment needs to be simple, convenient, and user-friendly. Candidates expect to be able to search and apply for jobs on their mobile devices. Store managers want the convenience of approving jobs and candidates from their smartphones. In retail, mobile recruitment is a win-win. So why don’t more retailers leverage mobile for their distributed hiring? Why isn’t mobile recruitment a key part of the process?

Mobile Recruitment: A Retailer’s Best Friend


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