Mobile App Store Presence Proving Highly Valuable for Recruitment Agencies

KeyApps’ clients benefiting from being visible on the major app platforms

On the 7th of January, the FlexJobs app – designed and developed by KeyApps – was chosen by the Windows team based on its functionality and utility to be featured on the Windows Phone Marketplace. It ran alongside apps such as Xbox Video and provided invaluable exposure for Flex Recruitment Plus who have recently merged with one of the leading US-based recruiters, CRS.


Recruitment firms with a presence within these highly active engagement zones are securing new and unique candidate installs and job applications via CV and LinkedIn profiles. The app users also refer and tweet positions to their friends and are able to stay up to date with the latest agency news and information all from their mobile device. The same platform also enables agencies to influence and retain candidates known to them.


John Edwards, Mobile Software Consultant at KeyApps, commented:


‘As a mobile app technology provider for recruitment agencies, our clients are keen to push their apps to the top of the iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Amazon appstores. Solutions from KeyApps are securing up to 1750 new candidate installs per day, and we continue to tailor and promote your product around your business needs from both an agency and candidate perspective.’


KeyApps’ Managing Director, Paul Dawkins, who has 30 years’ experience in software development, added:


‘Appstores not only act as a focal point for the mobile user, but also improve the SEO of our clients.


‘As the internet continues to mature mobile, NFC and P2P server-less and distributed processing technologies will dominate. KeyApps will never rest on its laurels, and has positioned itself – through extensive research and development – to benefit its clients from the changes that are coming in the next three years.’

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