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If you want to attract the best talent to your organization, to find the best candidates for your opportunities it’s time to look past traditional job advertising.
JOBVIDDY Director, Andy Kerney, said:
“Video is firmly embedded in our consumer and leisure lifestyles. People like watching it, making it and sharing it. They just “get” video, especially the millennial generation. It’s a powerful way to engage and talk to people and with the results some organizations have seen from using video as part of their candidate attraction strategy, it’s no surprize that many more are now looking to use it.
“JOBVIDDY is already unique in its approach to using video, from its interactive features to how it can optimize the ROI. Fundamental to JOBVIDDY is how it can help attract and engage candidates, especially passive candidates, so being able to integrate the full features and benefits into a mobile app was essential. We wanted a technology partner who had unrivalled experience of the recruitment agency sector, a great track-record and above all could see the potential that video has. Partnering with KeyApps means JOBVIDDY can provide organizations with a video footprint across website, social media, email and mobile.”
Impala Systems’ joined up approach connects all your departments to save repeated data entry and ensure everyone has the data they need.
Image Projector Owner, David Evans, said:
“As a provider of cloud hosted recruitment software, we were introduced to KeyApps through a client who wanted to know if it would benefit his business. It soon became apparent that KeyApps breadth of experience in the field meant they were going to be able to deliver a fantastic package which would quite simply pay for itself in a very short space of time.”Having previously spoken with other app developers, we were impressed that KeyApps shared our vision of a solution for complete engagement with the applicant whilst delivering a real cost saving to the client. Crucially, they had existing API’s in place for almost everything we wanted to do, which placed them far ahead of the competitors who nodded and said they thought something might be possible.

“Extending the intelligent searching features within Impala (our recruitment software) to deliver the latest vacancies, messages and updates direct to the applicants, and allowing them to update their availability and preferences, really takes our product offering forwards.

“We were delighted to introduce them to some of our other clients, who have also seen the impressive potential of the product, and we look forward to a partnership with KeyApps on the cutting edge of the recruitment industry.”

Marketing for the Recruitment Industry.
GKS Associates are a specialist marketing agency and consultancy service soley for the recruitment industry.
Robert Woodford, GKS Director, said:
“Recruitment marketing isn’t about pretty colours and nice shapes, it’ about adding value to the sales process. GKS Associates offer a comprehensive portfolio of marketing support soley for the recruitment industry, whether on retained consultancy project basis or as a full services marketing agency.”
John Edwards, Business Development Director at KeyApps, commented on the new partnerships:
“KeyApps endeavour to save consultants, candidates and clients time. As a business with professionals that have used recruitment systems extensively, we understand some of the pains felt within the recruitment space.
“Our goal is to deliver a unified system for all involved in the recruitment process from candidate through to accounts and pay.
“Partnering with recruitment software providers enable us to deliver a more unified / all encompassing solution or drive towards delivering an all encompassing solution.”


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