KeyApps’ Senior Designer Chantal El-Bikai Shines at Espacio Gallery Event

From 28th August to 2nd September, Chantal’s artwork was displayed at the Ahoy! Exhibition run by Dawn Chorus Collective at the Espacio Gallery in the Brick Lane area. The exhibition commemorated the 200th anniversary of the disappearance of the USS Wasp in the Bermuda Triangle, and the Collective set sail with their illustrative imaginings of all the mysteries and wonders of the deep.

Chantal – whose unique style has been influenced by the likes of Fred Moore and Mary Blair – was one of 30 artists invited to showcase her unique style of work at the exhibition, and commented:

“Being part of the Ahoy! Show was a really wonderful experience. As an artist I feel it’s truly important to keep up to date with creativity, constantly challenge myself, and be versatile in my personal work as well as what I do at KeyApps.

“We’re currently working on a recruitment game project for one of our clients, and I’m excited to be part of it.”

Unique design work is essential for the recruitment agencies KeyApps delivery for, and they encourage their clients to utilise the skills of gifted designers like Chantal. John Edwards added:

“KeyApps would like to congratulate Chantal for being invited to showcase her work at the Espacio Gallery event. We’re very lucky to have such a creative talent as part of our team, and feel it’s important to tap into, and explore, inventive design forms away from the workplace that can help towards creating new designs for our clients.”


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