KeyApps and LogicMelon Paving the Way in Seamless Integration

KeyApps and LogicMelon are excited to announce their new partnership; a venture that is paving the way for seamless integration within mobile recruitment apps.

Over the last year, there has been an explosion of interest in mobile solutions from the recruitment industry and KeyApps has been quick to respond to the growing demand for effective and efficient mobile applications. With a growing reputation for being an innovation leader, KeyApps has a rapidly expanding client base, including market leaders such as Retail Human Resources (RHR), European Recruitment Ltd (ERL), Global Medics and New Frontiers.

LogicMelon is based on the most recent improvements in technology for the multi-posting and applicant tracking market. Their aim is to supply an easy-to-use solution whilst making the recruitment process quick, easy and cost effective. With some of the most experienced multi posting developers on board they strive to make every option available, by supplying a flexible solution.

A recent study by Kelton Research found that 86 percent of jobseekers have or would like to search for jobs via their smartphone. Additionally, 47 percent would use their mobile device to apply for positions.  However; attempts by other developers to create mobile recruitment applications have fallen short of users’ expectations by delivering a poor performance.

The partnership between KeyApps and LogicMelon is a result of high demand from both the recruitment industry and jobseekers for seamless integration and an excellent user experience. Both companies pride themselves on offering cost effective and flexible solutions, enabling them to provide agencies and corporate recruiters with sophisticated recruitment applications and impressive return on investments.

Darren, MD of LogicMelon, commented:

“We are pleased to be working with KeyApps to offer LogicMelon users the ability to improve their recruitment process and candidate experience via their mobile devices.   Candidates are now using their mobiles to do more than make calls, and mobile devices are fast becoming the chosen tool to browse for jobs.  For recruitment businesses the mobile platform is the next stage for candidate reach and exposure.”

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