John and Gregor Comment on Sponsoring and Attending the Latest APSCo Marketing Forum

“KeyApps is pleased to have been given the opportunity to sponsor the APSCo Marketing Forum and delighted with the input from those in attendance. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with APSCo and networking at the next event.

“Following the success of APP-SCo app for iOS, we were extremely happy to be able to develop their new Android app which will provide added value to a wider audience.

“We hope that the apps will not only make it easier for current members to interact with APSCo and their events but attract new potential members to APSCo,” commented Mobile Software Consultant, John Edwards.

”As a fresh addition to the Key Apps team I cannot understate how useful and interesting the April 2013 APSCo event was for me.

“John Edwards provided a relaxed and informative update relating to KeyApps current position, the companies progression from fledgling to credible leader in the mobile recruitment App software development market and on-going developments.

“Andy Headworth then took us through a really informative and accessible presentation with regard to Social Media. He described the Google+ platform as an essential tool for the recruitment and headhunting market followed by a multitude of justifiable reasons.

“Afterwards there was a good amount of time to network. It was a very welcoming and informative event,” added Mobile Business Development Consultant, Gregor Minto.


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