How to Market your Recruitment App to Drive Downloads

Position your app correctly

Position information and links for your app in a prominent place on your website so that visitors can’t help but notice you have a mobile presence.

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Create a landing page for mobile visitors

Most businesses now have a website designed with mobile users in mind. To convert mobile website visits into app downloads create a landing page with links to your app.

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Include links in your email signatures

Include links to your mobile app in your signatures to generate downloads from day-to-day communications with candidates.


Advertise on marketing material

Don’t forget to advertise the fact that you have an app on your marketing material. Use app store logos to let candidates know they can download your app from the biggest app distributors.


Incentives for app referrals and/or downloads

Drive downloads via word of mouth by offering incentives for sharing and/or downloading your recruitment app.

Share your app via social media

Social media is now an important channel for recruiters. Make sure to add information and links to your social media profiles, and share your app through your social channels and LinkedIn Groups to generate users. This is a great way to secure passive candidates!

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Create a video

Show off the simplicity and features of your recruitment app with a marketing video for your website and YouTube channel.



What you’ll get in return

  • A higher position in the app stores which will generate further downloads organically
  • Larger candidate base
  • More job applications
  • The chance to engage with both active and passive candidates
  • Increased brand awareness and visibility
  • More job and candidate referrals
  • Stay ahead of the competition
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