Factors determining success in mobile SEO in 2017

With the advent of handheld devices, more and more people depend on these products to stay connected and navigate the virtual world. Suffice it to say, many people are mobile-first in their online usage.

Recently, the ‘mobile-first indexing’ concept of Google changed the manner in which SEO companies planned and organized their SEO and online optimization strategies. This holds true not just for the well known SEO firms across the globe but local SEO services offered by firms also strive to migrate to the new concept.

Prior to delving deeper into the mobile-first indexing concept, let us find out what it is. Essentially it means that Google will begin ranking (indexing) the mobile version of any website first, followed by indexing of the same website’s desktop version. Aside from that, the various factors that determine ranking of a page will be decided upon taking into account both the mobile as well as desktop version of any website.

Factors determining success in mobile SEO in 2017

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