Data Erasure

As Data Processors, KeyApps hold personal data on behalf of our clients.

The following tool(s) will be made available:

We will be providing clients with the ability to send a data deletion link from our Applicant Management System in line with Data Erasure requests.

1. Client receives Data Erasure Request from User
2. Client sends Data Erasure Request notification from the Applicant Management System
3. User confirms Data Erasure
4. Data is erased automatically and immediately


1.  Candidate requests Data Erasure
2. KeyApps confirms the identity of the candidate via email
3. The Data Controller is informed via email
4. The Data Controller clicks link in email to action removal

This process is designed to prevent errant deletion of data as a result of human error or a security breach.

The following tool(s) can be made available for applications/websites/plugins:

Data Erasure Requests

– user can request for their data to be deleted
– clients will be sent notification of Data Erasure Request and can action via the Applicant Management System

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