App Marketing Guide

Congratulations on the release of your new mobile app! You now have a brand new channel with which to engage with your candidates, and by actively promoting it your business can fully benefit from an exceptional tool.

Careful marketing will ensure your target audience (both active and passive candidates) will be aware your app is now available and that they shouldn’t miss out out the features and functionality available to help them communicate with you and find their next role.


Your existing web presence is one of the most valuable channels you have to promote your app so be sure to feature it prominently.


A dedicated page designed to show off your new app with screenshots, descriptions of its features and links/a QR code for visitors to download your app from the various stores is a great start.


Dedicating a bit of space on every page – such as a persistent, floating tab, section in the header/footer or notification bar – can bring in more downloads.


A pop up page giving mobile visitors to your website the option to download your app or continue to the site would mean your app is the first thing they see.


Generate excitement among your candidate base, both new and existing:

In addition to featuring your app on your main website be sure to shout about it in dedicated blog posts and press releases. Don’t forget to tell people what it offers and include pictures and appstore links so readers can easily check out your app straight away without having search for it.


Your social media channels are another great marketing resource. Engage with your followers and people looking at your online presence by dedicating some tweets, posts and even videos to your new candidate tool. Find suitable LinkedIn and Facebook groups to share news of your app.


Include appstore icons/QR code/links in your email signatures to further encourage candidates to download it and show your clients you have a strong and thriving mobile presence.


Reach out to industry influencers and publications and ask them to check out your app (and then rave about it to their followers).


Nominate (and ask others to, too) your app for mobile awards. Award nominations are a great way to generate publicity and winning awards, such as Best Use of Mobile at the annual OnRec Awards would be better still!


When it’s time for new business cards be sure to include a QR code so that your app is only a snap away.

Inform passers by that you have a mobile app by sticking a QR code and/or appstore icons in your office window(s).

Dedicate some space for your mobile app in all your newsletters and mailshots.

Feature app screenshots, appstore icons and QR codes on your physical marketing material such as flyers, banners and event stands.

If you usually direct people to your website when speaking on the phone or networking in person remember to mention your app too.


A huge amount of app promotion can be done for free (or very little money) but there are other useful, paid ways to invest in your new engagement platform.

Creating a sleek demo video (it doesn’t need to be long) to show off the Why, How and What of your brilliant new app. Feature the video on your social media channels, share it in marketing communications. If your app changes over time to include new features, or you want to market your app to a niche audience, update your video(s) accordingly to keep your promo material fresh and interesting.

Targeted ads on Google or Facebook, or promoted tweets on LinkedIn, can help generate downloads among specific demographics. Does your locum agency have lots of placements to fill in Bristol, for example? Focus your app advertising on Bristol and the surround area.

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